A Note to Parents


Having a chance to interact with the talented and capable leaders of youth ministries around our area has been a wonderful experience for Laurie and I.   

Over the course of the weekend we travel many different roads simultaneously.  We will learn a myriad of skills; dancing, sewing on a button, ironing a shirt, cooking, cleaning, changing a flat, building a fire, etc.... Also, we will cover an equally diverse number of Spiritual topics.  “Drinking out of a fire hose” has become the descriptor of choice. Our goal is to make enough of an impression that later when spiritual challenges become serious issues, they will remember there are answers and be equipped to find them.

We ask older adults to encourage the new adults to sort out answers on their own. We do share our thoughts, but what we try hard not to do is say, “This is the answer.” 

We find many new adults have for years been given answers to mimic; they are filled up and unpersuaded. Others are hungry for answers to mimic and need rather to be encouraged to sort out an answer for themselves. Throughout the weekend we strive to present information in a manner that allows new adults to decide for themselves what they should believe.

This weekend is provided as a gift to your graduating senior from a small group of followers of Christ, who believe the future of the Church resides in a well equipped “next generation”. We are not sponsored by any specific denomination and don’t present any denominational specific theology. We do used the Bible, and strive to validate fundamental Christian truths.  

If you have any other questions you can read the letter below or email us.