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there is no cost for Leaders to attend Life 101.

We only ask you to be present with your students and be open to offering your skills, experience and knowledge. 

If you would like to pay for your students' $50 deposit as a group use the button below.

Remember to send in their photos and emails. The pictures can be sent in via:

  • mail: PO Box 574, Sisters, Or 97759

  • e-mail: tolife@life101.net

  • text: 541-719-8543

Please complete this form for any Young Life leaders, spouses, committee members, helpers, or Life 101 Alumni. If your spouse is attending please fill out a separate form for them. There is a question/comment area at the bottom if you have special requests or accomodations. Thank you and we are looking forward to seeing you.

Leaders can use the add to cart button below to pay the registration fee for all or some of your students and reserve their spot together.

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