Attendee Overview

We are excited you are interested in attending Life 101.  This four day retreat is probably unlike anything you have attended to date.  A 19 year tradition, specifically for graduating high school seniors, Life 101 is sponsored by a group of Christ’s followers who wish to help launch you into this new world called adulthood. 

This is not a typical “youth group retreat.”    Graduation is a time of new beginnings.  The choices ahead are first steps towards defining who you are and what you will become.  You alone own these next steps.   Life 101 is designed to provide you an intense time, away from parents and school, to reflect on the life you are about to step into. Adults from the community come together to share with you from their own experiences what the implications of those choices might be.

This year’s retreat will be held  at the Suttle Lake Retreat Center in Central Oregon.

The cost to you is $50 and we ask you not to use any electronics for the weekend.  The weekend’s activities are being offered as a gift to you by community members, and the Chapel in the Pines members. 

Basic items you need to bring include:

  1. Sleeping bag and pillow, Toiletries (if you don't have access to a Sleeping bag, give us a call)

  2. A Bible.

  3. In addition to your normal clothes for a 4 day retreat, we will be eating one nice (white tablecloth) dinner so a tie and jacket for men and a dress for women are appropriate attire. (Again, if you need help please give us a call.  We don't want anyone to miss out on account of this.)

Permission Slip

Please print this out and have a parent or guardian sign before you come.  If you are under 18, we can not allow you to fully participate until it is signed. 

Invite Letter

Download a printable invite letter

Just the Facts

Download a printable handout with just the details from the invite letter.